BEE GREEN – not only a hotel but also a statement

Good for you and me and the environment

In order to enable future generations to live on this earth, it is essential to treat nature and its resources with respect. We at BEE GREEN HOTEL are also aware of this responsibility. Therefore, all our actions are always geared towards this. A thoughtful use of nature’s resources and their sustainable use are our highest credo, because we want to make our contribution that the world remains a beautiful and livable place for all living beings. For this reason, the concept of sustainability is not only focused on a few aspects of our activities, but is taken into account and practiced throughout our entire concept.

For us, sustainability begins with the hotel building itself.
Our densely planted atrium as well as the favorable location in the immediate vicinity of an extensive green area give busy little bees the optimal habitat for collecting pollen. Later, the bees can deliver the collected nectar in the specially erected hives on the hotel grounds and the honey obtained from it can be tasted by our guests at the rich breakfast buffet. A win-win situation for everyone.
In addition, acoustic elements made of 100% recyclable sheep’s wool in the hotel rooms provide improved reverberation time of sound, regulate the indoor climate and filter toxins from the indoor air. The wool used comes 100% from Austria.
In addition, the entire cleaning staff of the BEE GREEN is highly trained and only ecological cleaning agents are used sparingly in all hotel areas.

Also in the hotel rooms we do not compromise and use only the best materials. The anti-allergenic bedding made of 100% cotton ensures optimal moisture management throughout the night and thus also a pleasant sleeping climate, so that you can start the day the next morning perfectly refreshed. The curtains are also made of 100% recycled material and tested for harmful substances according to ÖKO Tex@ Standard 100.

In the bathroom you can expect high quality care products with the best that nature has to offer. All of our propolis care products come from ApisCura, a certified organic beekeeper from the Tyrolean Pitztal. The family business looks back on 150 years of history and experience in the production of exceptional products. And you can feel that too. The high-quality propolis liquid soap, propolis shower gel and shampoo have a soothing effect, are moisturizing and provide skin and hair with beneficial substances.

Sustainable enjoyment also awaits you at the most important meal of the day, the rich BEE GREEN breakfast buffet. Also in the selection of ingredients for the morning refreshment we always pay attention to origin and production. Where it is possible for us, the products are organic and come from the immediate region. For example, you can enjoy fair trade organic coffee, fresh pastries from the bakery and eggs from the local area. All sausage products come directly from the butcher next door and also the juices offered for refreshment come directly from producers in the region.

In addition to these sustainable living measures already implemented, we are always striving to improve and continue to work on reducing our environmental footprint. BEE GREEN is not only our name, but also our program!

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